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Northern Metropolis advisers meet

The Advisory Committee on the Northern Metropolis held its first meeting today where members received a briefing on the mega project’s overall spatial planning and transport infrastructure layout.   The briefing, given by the Development Bureau, also covered the latest development in the area, involving the progress of new development area projects, land and housing supply as well as the approaches of industries’ development and associated supporting facilities.   Members gave views and initial suggestions on the development positioning, development of industries, land use planning and environmental conservation.   They also agreed to set up four sub-committees under the advisory committee to facilitate more in-depth discussions on planning, land and conservation, development of industries, transport and infrastructure facilities, and promotion and public engagement.   Financial Secretary Paul Chan, the committee’s chairman, said that the Northern Metropolis serves as an important base for promoting the development of innovation & technology (I&T) and other strategic industries.   It is an important platform to establish the industry pattern of “South-North dual engine (finance-I&T)”, for Hong Kong to enhance co-operation with its sister cities in the Greater Bay Area, and to better integrate into the country’s overall development.   “The Northern Metropolis is also an important source of land and housing supply in the future, which will provide more quality job opportunities and new quality living space for our citizens,” he noted.   The finance chief added that the committee involves leading members and experts of different sectors, and their advice and suggestions will help the Government build a better and more liveable Northern Metropolis.   He thanked them for contributing valuable insights, and said he looked forward to having more in-depth exchanges with them in future.