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Shops in Govt venues to get grants

The Leisure & Cultural Services Department today announced that a one-off relief grant will be provided to operators of light refreshment and fast food kiosks as well as retail outlets in its venues under the sixth round of the Anti-epidemic Fund.   The department has temporarily closed most of its leisure and cultural venues since January 7 to tie in with the Government's tightened anti-epidemic measures.   A one-off grant of $30,000 will be provided to operators of light refreshment and fast food kiosks, as well as retail outlets including pro shops, bike kiosks, museum book shops and gift shops, performing arts shops, book shops and gift shops, that were directed to suspend business due to the closure of such venues.   For those which were not asked to suspend business but their operations have been affected by the social distancing measures, their operators will be provided with a one-off grant of $15,000.   Applications for the grants will open tomorrow and close on May 13.   Operators holding valid contracts with the department on the date of submitting applications and still running the businesses are eligible to apply.   Application forms and guidelines will be sent to operators with valid contracts directly or by post.   Those who are eligible should submit their applications to the respective district leisure services offices or cultural venues under the department. The disbursement of the grants could generally be made in batches within around one month from the application deadline.